I know nothing with any certainty

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if you are on tumblr right now because you hate your family during holidays


we love you

you are not alone

we will be your family

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I’ve got nothing left inside of my chest (x)

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“Et tu, Brute? Then fall Caesar.”


im so depressed but I cant tell anyone bc I dont want them to worry about me or feel bad or try to get me to go to counseling I want to tell my boyfriend how I feel but I dunno how I dont want him to worry about me I dont want him to think he doesnt make me happy bc he does I just its all bottled up inside me I dunno how to show happiness I feel so bad I love him but im not good enough for him he deserves better he deserves someone who can show their happiness fuck I hate myself

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shame losing weight isn’t going to change my ugly face

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Award of the year for worst friend on the face of the planet goes to me thank

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